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Italian & International Hair Fashion
Hair fashion Italian and foreign designers from the best

I.H.F. is the new picture magazine for hairdressers and their clients, (quarterly is published 4 times a year: March-June - September-December) with plenty of hair fashion images in large format proposed by famous Italian and foreign designers.
A practical and modern magazine, which is easily accessible to the sun, many beautiful hairstyles and glamorous trendy for every taste and every need. Many ideas from fashion show, as they propose, or interpret and customize just right for your customers!
Mora on mahogany for the average liscissimo by cutting tips to stretch the point that the profi. Cropped fringe to discover the ear, in contrast to the direction of commas maquillage eyes. Rich harvest creme brule ' "plisettato" concocted in the upper part, rounded in length to the back of the neckline charming habit changing. HE all rifle bullets on the fringe tuft moro-carrot lines and degrading for the short bob, really exaggerated. Yield pompous, urchins wide, intense black for the queen of the night. A "full helmet of hair with strokes of light honey, chamomile, cocoa. Fringe raised the rear of hairdressing and the "mise en forme" rounded.
HAIR: Akademia Praha Gandini (Richard Conka, Slavka Holikova, Iveta Růžičková)
PHOTO: Igor Dian
MAKE UP: David Gursky

The chocolate bob with fringe rounded eyes suggests eyes "marine." Photos of the profiles to enhance a crop comprising a ponytail with braids. Hair on the forehead just stopped by a pettinino of other times ... in one orderly style Princess Grace.

Cut chestnut color decidedly practical, two versions for the fold: locks at the top moves so casual or tuft tip side dish with a drop. Double fold solution to a cut platinum shades from rosy: ice cream cone with flattened locks or tufts raised at the front like a wave ... impetuosa.

Tint captivating, AND AIR MOVEMENT
Airy spikes in shades of blond warmed by a red beer, for a sparkling look. The upper part of hairdressing style "naive girl" with hair color from a vanilla tied in satin ribbon, pins like clouds of cotton wadding.

CON BRIO eclectic
Hair colors and lines decidedly original locks "fired" damage volume and character to a young man who dares. The position always unbalanced condition dall'esteso tuft a comma for a cut otherwise anonymous. A side of curly crop ringlets and honey-rose from Rococo.

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